"Ever since my junior colleagues attended the course, I have spent less time on reviewing their writing."

Csaba Fenyvesi, Assistant Director
KPMG Advisory Ltd. (Corporate Finance)

"After two months, we were pleasantly surprised by the improvement in our office. Not only have there been positive developments in our English writing (which was confirmed by our native English editor), but we also saw improvement in our Hungarian and German as well."

dr. Levente Antal Szabó, Partner
bnt attorneys-at-law (Budapest)

Native English Writing Skills

We train European business professionals to write in a clear, native English style.

In our courses, you will discover the writing techniques that are taught at elite US universities and companies. With these techniques, you will produce writing that has a powerful impact on your business partners.

Customized with Your Writing

We customize each course based on the English writing samples of our students. As a result, you are ensured training that focuses on your writing needs.

The Benefits of Customized English

Our students report the following benefits:
    • time savings in their writing tasks
    • enhanced confidence in their communication skills
    • improvement not only in their English writing but in all of their writing

Aaron M. Muhly. Color